Tree houses aren’t just for kids anymore; architects have begun to design homes above ground instead of from the ground up. Especially in our present city, where the climate seems more like a concrete jungle, many have decided to return back to their roots and to create nests for themselves among the branches and away from the hectic urban playground. These homes, in no way primitive, include basic amenities such as electric and plumbing, with the added perk of being situated high above the rest.

Nestled within the foliage, a house finds its home. Using the tree as natural support, even the most whimsical of structures can be brought out from the realms of imagination and materialized.

The chrysalis encapsulates a caterpillar during its metamorphosis into a butterfly, and is a universal symbol for evolution. What better way to make a statement than to build your home within one? Both literally and figuratively, a cocoon shelters and protects, but also supports and nourishes change.

This architectural marvel features a slotted framework that allows the home to take advantage of natural lighting during the day, and turns the house into a bright lantern as evening falls.


If you’re one of those people who constantly look forward to weekends at the cottage, why not use the inspiration of wooden beams and logged exteriors to build a house among the trees.



No longer will you have to dream about that castle in the sky, you can live in one. Complete with towers and a drawbridge, you can enact your own royal fantasies.


Floor-to-ceiling windows and situated high above the ground, you’ll have the best views from the comfort of your own house. Just because you’re high up in the trees doesn’t mean that you can’t be cozy- inside, opt for furniture that will complement the hardwood and overall natural scheme of your home. Here, the bamboo pieces play off the wooden beams perfectly, and the pot lights create a warm ambience.



By utilizing components of our natural surroundings in our building efforts, we can create homes for ourselves without causing such an adverse impact on the environment. Instead of tearing trees down, we can incorporate them to create our own luxury homes.

– Naomi Ha.

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posted on

November 1, 2012

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Design Masters

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